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EXPANDER-RM2U12 is perfect for adding fast storage to an existing server or NAS. In backup and custered use.

A compact 2U Expander chassis. With 4 TB disks you can get up to 36 TB of additional storage.

Plug-and-play addition of storage to your existing Apple, Microsoft or Linux/Unix server, maintaining all the configuration options, management and raid options of your existing raid controller (provided it has an SFF-8088 connector on the back) If your server does not have this connector, contact us, we have solutions!!

Please look HERE for an explanation of EXPANDERS.

In request quote, explain the details of your server and we configure it to exactly fit your needs..

Case: 2U

Backplane: SATA3 / SAS2

Number of HDD: 12x 3"5 tray hotswap (or a mix of 2.5 and 3.5 by using brackets)

Power Supply: Single or redundant

Raid supported: 0/1/5/6/10/...(depending on your RAID controller)

SFF-8088 connectors: 2x external (in/out)

Assembled and tested 24h

Up to 5 years of warranty

Price; From 950 euros Excl VAT (without the disks)

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